THUS BOUND-THE STORY OF TADZIU AND MARYSZA is a novel about Tadziu and Marysza, the children of Polish immigrants and their lives from the Great Depression through modern times. The setting for the novel is Buffalo and while it chronicles couple’s enduring love, it has a surprise and stunning ending.

GERALDINE WIERZBICKI-ROACH was born, raised and educated in Buffalo, New York and earned her Ph.D. in English literature from SUNY Buffalo. Her dissertation focused on the novels of George Eliot and Dorothy Richardson. She has taught in colleges in and around the city for seven years. Gerry and her husband, Robert, reside in West Seneca, a town near the city she knows so well and which serves as the setting for the novel. As a single mother facing financial stress and hard work, Gerry raised a daughter and two sons, all of whom have brought her great pride. She believes we do not understand our own happiness. “Looking back on that challenge, I remember the strength my children gave me and realize that the years I thought were difficult were some of the happiest years in my life.” She frequently visits her twelve grandchildren, who are scattered throughout the northeast.


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