Halloween Thank You and Photos!

A big thank you to all who made the Halloween Extravaganza possible: Michael Schweikowsky of Back Yard Party Supply, Miss Buffalo Desiree Wiley, Natasha Radclyff, Theresa, MC Bruce Woody, Dj Reason, Skittles the Clown, Kelly Beuth, Performing Arts students and parent, Curt Rotterdam, Lukia Costello Photography, Yvonne Mildred Harris, Charles Quagliana, Grace Turner, Tara Lyons, The Great Pumpkin Farm, The Zoo Mobile, Tops, Save-a-Lot and the wonderful, hard working volunteers: Patra, Joe, Dominique, Daniel, Marium, Allison, Maddie, and Ray, and of course our great vendors, maintenance and security team! Thank You!!


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