Poles in the New World Book Signing at the Broadway Market Saturday as part of Polka, Piwo, & Pierogi

Author Edward Zawadzki will be signing his book “Poles in the New World” at the Broadway Market on 01/21/2012 from 11am to 2pm as part of Polka, Piwo, & Pierogi event at the market.

From the author’s website…

“The Poles in the New World” has from the start been a project from my heart and to see it keep growing in popularity has made me so proud! I’m getting new bookings almost daily to visit so many strong regions of Polonia right across North America. This book highlights the lives of 50 Poles of distinction and their great contributions to North American society. From Pulaski, Brzezinski to Martha Stewart and Steve Wozniak, Poles have given so much of themselves to the building of our North American society.

To find out more about the author and the book, visit http://polesworld.com–>


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