Saturday, August 5th Infringement ’17 Schedule at Broadway Market

Infringement at Broadway Market

Saturday, August 5

10am – 4pm The Broadway Market Thing

Spend the day at this historic venue and enjoy 3 floors of live music. Delicious food available from the market vendors!!! Free event!

10am Scrap Iron Army
10am The Fake News Project
10am Accordion Bonanza
10am Open Busking
10:30am Grump, Project Grump, not to be confused with Gump, Trump, Hump or Lump
10:30am Scantron
11am MAAPS
11am Sarah Golley
11am Nuke Fun
11am Sum’er
11:30am chloroform
11:45am Like a Panther
noon Rock out with your Chalk out
noon The Covers
noon Kevin J. Prentice
12:30pm Rodagues
12:30pm Major Arcana
1pm Mic excel / Scott MacCallum
1pm The Bonaparte Experience
1pm Bipedal – Cymbal + laptop
1:30pm Uptown Chase
1:30pm Younger Then
1:45pm Chill Ali
2pm D Real McCoy Presents : For the Love of Music
2pm The Everythingness
2:30pm Intent To Sell
2:30pm THE STATES.
3pm beerhallphilosophers
3pm Not Cool
3pm Jong SL
3pm Spadeo Nation
3:30pm BCAT Entertainment Presents Summer Jam 2017
3:30pm Lalalangue


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