Nutrition Education Program at the Broadway Market

WEDI is planning on Community workshops at the Broadway Market and for the first series we have partnered with Cornell for their program called EFNEP (Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program). It is a 6-week program. There is a pre and post test (paperwork) for each person to fill out on their eating habits, exercise, and info about themselves. The course provides basic nutrition information: food safety, breakfast, sugar, salts, fats, whole grain, making a change on sugary drinks, protein, plan, shop, save, etc. They also cook a healthy snack at each class. It’s a fun and interactive session. It runs for 45 minutes and at the end of the sessions each person receives a Certificate of completion. Please spread the word and RSVP to attend to


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  1. Judith W. Flury

    I would like to sign up for your program for the six weeks and receive the certificate upon completion. Please advise of fees needed to be paid and details about where in the market this program is being held. Also, I have difficulty walking, is there disability parking available close to the area where the sessions are going to be held?
    Judith W. Flury
    Westwood Rd. Lancaster, NY

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