Status of the Broadway Market as given by Mayor Byron Brown on 03/16/2020

Status of the Broadway Market as given by Mayor Byron Brown on March 16, 2020.

  • The Broadway Market’s year round, full-time, permanent tenants will remain open to provide essential services, below are additional guidelines relating to Easter operations and other vendor activities:
  • The Broadway Market will keep regular hours, Monday through Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Save-A-Lot is open Monday through Sunday 8:00am – 7:00pm
  • The Broadway Market’s restaurants will only be open for take-out meals only.  No congregant dining will be allowed anywhere in the Broadway Market
  • Saturday-only vendors will be closed effective this Saturday 3/21
  • This weekend’s Sneak Peek canceled (3/21 and 3/22)
  • The Broadway Market’s Easter Ribbon Cutting, scheduled for March 26th, is canceled
  • Easter-only vendors will not be open, however, permanent Broadway Market tenants will be open for food essentials;
  • All City-owned and operated senior centers (Richmond-Summer, Autumnwood and Broadway Market) will be closed. Seniors who receive meals at these locations will still be able to receive a meal by calling 311;

You can read the full release from the Mayor’s Office by following this link.



  1. Linda Bowen

    God bless you mayor brown for your insight during this crisis. I live in cheektowaga and enjoy the market at Easter time but agree with you and Mr. Poloncarz for your brave and strong decisions.

  2. Walter Gabalski

    It was a pleasure to visit the market today for my family’s Easter treats. We found everything that we rely on the Broadway Market for, and vendors graciously thanked us for our business. I am grateful to public officials for keeping the market open at this difficult time and to vendors for their good service.

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