PSA: Do Not Park in Aldi’s parking lot across the street from the market. You will be ticketed and possibly have a boot installed on your tire. Thank you! – Management

The Broadway Market has a three level parking ramp. There are entrances on both Gibson and Lombard Streets.

  • The market does not have an elevator.
  • The second level of the parking ramp has an escalator to bring you into the market.
  • Access to the market from the third level is via staircase only. It is located on the east side/Lombard Street side of the ramp. You can take stairs to second level to use escalator or take stairs down to first floor of the market.
  • No strollers, walkers or wheelchairs are allowed on the escalator.
  • Handicap Parking is available on the first level of our parking ramp ONLY.
  • The Broadway Market does not have wheelchairs, scooters and/or walkers available for use.
  • Additional parking on:
    • Gibson Street – east side of market – no parking
    • Lombard Street – west side of market – 2 hour parking and some handicapped parking near M&T
    • Load and unload only – in front of Broadway Optician on Broadway.